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Жиркова Анна

Образовательное учреждение: Улусная гимназия им. Н.С. Охлопкова, с. Намцы

Работы автора

  • The mythological model of the world in different nations (2005/06 уч. год)

    раздел: Литературоведение

    We have studied common traits of the world models in six different folk mythologies: Slavic, Yakut, ancient Greek, Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese.
    According to the miths the world consists of three parts: upper, middle and lower. Gods reside in the upper world, people and animals inhabit the middle world, spirits and souls of the dead belong to the lower world. Details of the worlds structure, names and responsibilities of deities in the national mytologies are given and the role of social and natural conditions in their origination is discussed.