Портфолио автора

Швецова Елена Григорьевна

Образовательное учреждение: ГБОУ Школа №1319

Работы автора

  • Advertising and how it influences people (2014/15 уч. год)

    разделы: Лингвистика, Английский язык

    We are all exposed to a continuous chain of advertising messages... The significant changes in the field of advertising should be made!

    The project will present you the various attitudes of people of different ages to advertising and its role in the society.The general aim of our project is to review advertising as a part of our contemporary life and to find out its impact on pupils, its pros and cons.Moreover, we tried to emphasize the importance of advertising due to the results of our research and to highlight the prospects for the futute.Advertising plays an essential part,but it should reflect the interests of people.