Хащивская Галина Денисовна

Работы учащихся

  • "WELCOME TO YAMAL" ("Добро пожаловать на Ямал!") (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Чаусенко Евгения

    раздел: Краеведение

    My guide contains some brief material a visitor will want to know about the Far North of Russia — Yamal. It includes some history, some information about the weather, nature, industry, peculiarities of indigenous population, archeological discoveries, some information about the present day of Purovsky district, Urengoy and my school.The aim of my work is to tell about the unique part of Russia and make friends with students who are interested in the extreme Far North conditions or live in the same conditions in other countries.Welcome to Yamal!


    соавтор: Хащивская Алена

    раздел: Экономика, социология и право

    Unity, friendship, a strong feeling of duty and patriotism, mutual aid and interdependence helped war veterans to win in the Great Patriotic War. Children of my time differ from those in 1940-s. They are brought up in new conditions. Some positive values disappear or mutate. The aim of my project is to compare childhood and it`s values in different times, find out reasons for changes in Russian character and understand whether it is good, bad or natural; prove the necessity of a new approach in bringing up children, teaching at school." Summary" isn`t the end of the project, it`s an introduction to a new project "Loss or a new quality of Russian character?" Join us!

  • From Global Problems to Local Ones (2008/09 уч. год)

    соавторы: Доброхотова Анастасия Владимировна, Лукьянов Станислав Андреевич

    разделы: Лингвистика, Экология

    Проектная работа содержит информацию о проблемах окружающей среды в общем в условиях Крайнего Севера, поселка. Учениками представлены заключения собственных исследований 100 семей поселка по выбрасыванию отходов из пластика, стекла, металла. Выдвинуты конкретные предложения по решению некоторых экологических проблем поселка, региона.