Тукумбетова Фания Гаязовна

Образовательное учреждение: МОУ СОШ, д. Кужанак
Должность: учитель английского языка

Работы учащихся

  • The generation gap (2006/07 уч. год)

    соавтор: Петрищева Екатерина

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    In this article I tried to analyze the eternal conflict between the generations (“fathers and sons “). Every generation is different from the one that preceded it .The situation in economic and political spheres and society is reflected in the relations between the youth and the adults. Adults don’t want to understand the youth and the youth are against the whole world. But there is solution of this problem. It is respect, support, confides, comprehension, patience, understanding, kindness, consideration and, course, love.

  • Longevity is good or bad (2006/07 уч. год)

    соавтор: Тукумбетова Айгуль

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    I’d like to attract your attention to the problem of longevity. Not long ago I have read an article about the scientists’ experiments on man’s prolongation of life. This article made me ponder over this problem, that’s why in this article I want to speak out my opinion on it. There are 4 parts in my article:

    1. The problem of longevity.

    2. Anti – aging recipe or secrets of longevity.

    3. Longevity is bad.

    4. My attitude to longevity.