Юнысова Лилия Ришатовна

Работы учащихся

  • Private School Fees (2007/08 уч. год)

    соавтор: Давлетбаева Ляйсан

    раздел: Лингвистика

    Some parents choose private schools for their children. They are very expensive but considered to provide a better education and good job opportunities. Seven per cent of British schoolchildren go to private schools called independent schools. There are 2.400 independent schools and they have been growing in number and popularity since the mid-1980`s.

  • Smoking among the young girls (2007/08 уч. год)

    соавтор: Галлямова Гузель

    раздел: Лингвистика

    This research work summarizes what is now known about smoking among girls, including patterns and trends in smoking habits, factors associated with starting to smoke and continuing to smoke, the consequences of smoking on women's health. Smoking is the leading known cause of preventable death and disease among girls. In 2000, far more girls died of lung cancer than of breast cancer.