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Ядреева Ольга

Образовательное учреждение: Улусная гимназия им. Н.С. Охлопкова, с. Намцы

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  • About Happiness (2005/06 уч. год)

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    About happiness
    What is happiness? What does it mean? Do all people feel happy themselves? Maybe friends and family make people happy? There can be many-many questions about happiness… Because happiness can't be described by few words. Happiness is understood by every person in different ways. I know many people which feel them happy without much money. Also there are people who think that they haven't only health to be happy. Tastes differ. Also there is best-known phrase that happiness can't last more than one day. People have so many problems and troubles nowadays that they can't be happy all the time. They can be happy only few hours. Happiness should be kept by people.