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The story told by autumn leave

Раздел: Литературное творчество

Учебный год: 2005 / 2006

Автор: Михайлова Саша

Руководитель: Алексеева Екатерина Степановна

Материалы работы: 555181.zip * (1 кБ)

Описание работы:

The story told by autumn leave

Once I was walking in the forest. The fallen leaves were rustling under my foot. I listened to it and understood that they were whispering something to me. I picked up one leave, and it told me how it had spent summer.

Every morning it washed with earli-day, and sometimes with drops of rain. It gave strenght and inspirited for the whole day.

Each bird dedicated to the leave it's own song. The sun smiled it through thick branches. Summer days passed very quickly. The leave bored that summer had passed and hoped that will dream about summer under the mild snow cover.

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