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Life in a small village

Раздел: Литературное творчество

Учебный год: 2005 / 2006

Автор: Казанова Агаша

Руководитель: Алексеева Екатерина Степановна

Материалы работы: 555183.zip * (8 кБ)

Описание работы:


/love affair/

Jane woke up from the loud sound of the alarm clock. She had to go to school. Two weeks were left before the summer holidays. It was warm summer sunny day behind the window. As usual she got up, dressed, washed and went to school without any haste.

She studied in the 10th grade in one of the president schools. As said, 10th grade is an unforgettable grade. From the childhood Jane spared much time to her studies. She liked to study very much.

Jane was so modest, that she didn't want to have differences from crowd. She was tall, nice, very kind and responsive.

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