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The war through our eyes

War is evil. It should be engraved on our memories.
War is evil. It should be engraved on our memories.

Разделы: Лингвистика, Английский язык

Учебный год: 2015 / 2016

Автор: Климова Анастасия Станиславовна, 8-й класс

Руководитель: Басова Валентина Павловна, учитель английского языка

Материалы работы: 610829.7z * (627 кБ)

Описание работы:

The 21 century is the time of new technologies, new achievements, new knowledge and challenges. Who worries about war in such a peaceful and incredibly happy time!!! But war is a disaster which can attack us at any moment when we don’t wait it. I wonder who benefits from the war. Why people kill other people? The war in Donbass has affected me deeply. I understood that armed conflict is a threat which can intrude in our life at any moment if we don’t work for peace.

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