Портфолио автора

Климова Анастасия Станиславовна

Образовательное учреждение: МАОУ Гимназия "Российская школа"

Работы автора

  • The war through our eyes (2015/16 уч. год)

    разделы: Лингвистика, Английский язык

    War is evil. It should be engraved on our memories.

    The 21 century is the time of new technologies, new achievements, new knowledge and challenges. Who worries about war in such a peaceful and incredibly happy time!!! But war is a disaster which can attack us at any moment when we don’t wait it. I wonder who benefits from the war. Why people kill other people? The war in Donbass has affected me deeply. I understood that armed conflict is a threat which can intrude in our life at any moment if we don’t work for peace.